WW2 Victory Parade 2018: Russia Flaunts Advanced Tech, Robot Tanks

WW2 Victory Parade 2018: Russia Flaunts Advanced Tech, Robot Tanks

Russia flaunts advanced tech and robot tanks in what appeared to be a show of force during recent Victory Day festivities, all in celebration of Russian forces becoming victorious against Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Among the displayed are Russia’s current advancements in tank and drone technology, being both awe-inspiring to onlookers and fearsome to the pessimistic.

Much of these weapons and armaments were actually deployed in Syria to assist Bashar al-Assad, Syrian president, to clear the state of various rebellious groups including the infamous Islamic State (IS). Among the other machines deployed are warplanes as well.

et-WW2-victory-parade.jpgThe Victory Parade is courtesy of President Vladimir Putin, who restored the tradition of Russia parading the latest in its missile and armor improvements that were begun back in the era of Soviet Russia. This year, among the paraded is an anti-ship missile, drones, infantry buggies, and various specialized vehicles.

  • The Uran-9 is a hulking beast of a tank, officially described as a “multi-purpose robotic fighting complex.” This is for good reason, given not only is it equipped with a machine-gun, a cannon, and anti-tank rockets, it’s also fully remote-controlled. This war machine has been combat-tested during the conflicts in Syria, where it unleashed a warpath of destruction with its new weapons systems. The tank can also locate a target on its own but still needs human intervention in order to fire – however, said intervention is in the form of a commander that is an armored truck of up to 3-kilometers away.
  • The Uran-6 is the Uran-9’s sibling, although whereas Uran-9 is pegged as an all-purpose tank, the Uran-6 is built for sweeping mines. Coined the “robot sapper,” the Uran-6 is capable of disarming mines with its special technology. Unlike the Uran-9, its controller appears to be as far away as a single kilometer. The Uran-6 allowed government troops to travel in rebel-held areas without fear of being affected by mines.
  • The AM-1 is a war vehicle that is a far cry from the massive infantry attacks Russia has been known for in the past. The bulky yet curvy vehicle is designed to deploy special forces and infantry on scouting missions on various kinds of terrain. Its specialization appears to be rugged terrain, such as marshes, deserts, or the Arctic. These buggies – or perhaps the proper term is “quad bikes” – can even be equipped with a machine gun.
  • The Korsar drone is an all-weather drone that is capable of making deliveries, reconnaissance, and missile attacks. It has a fly time of up to 10 hours, capable of reaching heights up to 6-kilometers high, and can be as far as 160-kilometers from its user. Its sister, the Katran, is a helicopter-style drone. It’s said that Russia has far more than two types of drones, however, and only the aforementioned two were paraded.
  • The MiG-31 fighters are a sight to behold for aircraft enthusiasts, as the models are now equipped with Russia’s new state-of-the-art Kinzhal missiles. These are anti-ship missiles that can travel in hypersonic speeds, capable of destroying things smaller than aircraft carriers.
  • Russia showcased its crowning glory in stealth as well, the Su-57 or the T-50, wherein its various weapons systems were combat-tested during the Syrian crisis. The Su-57 is set to be the successor of the aging Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters.

Various other weapons and armaments were displayed in Russia’s previous Victory Parades, and other fearsome weapons of war were displayed in the previous years. These included helicopters, heavy bombers, aircraft, and various weaponry that showed Russia’s capabilities – especially when it comes to military power. Among the showcased in previous years included:

  • The RS-24 Yars missile, which is a nuclear missile behemoth that can hit targets as far as 11,000-kilometers. This is thanks to its four independent nuclear warheads.
  • In speaking of missiles, the S-400 and Pantsir will be the newest in the country’s range of anti-aircraft missile systems.
  • The country’s National Guard will also be outfitted with modernized assault rifles, the AK-74M. They will be tasked to use hese against organized crime and terrorism inside the country.
  • The T-14 Armata is just the newest in Russia’s automated tank gallery, and is said to be replacing much older models.






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