A number of uprooted olive trees near a village in the Nablus-area of Urif, West Bank appears to be the latest in a source of hate crime-linked incidents that occured in the region. This is after another incident where tires of a car and a truck were punctured after being parked in the open area between Asira Al-Qibliya and Urif. Slogans reading “price tag” and “Fight the enemy” in Hebrew were seen nearby as well. These two incidents appears to add oil to tensions already rising between Palestinians and Israel that has been going on for quite some time.

According to Haaretz, these two events can be included in a similar string of events in Israel’s various Arab communities and parts of the West Bank over a period of two weeks.

These incidents included several cars being vandalized over the course of several days. In the central West Bank area near Ramallah, several cars in Dir Amar had tires punctured with graffiti on the vehicles. Some read, “We will take our fate in our own hands.”

Another incident were various cars being vandalized in a town near Ramallah in the West Bank.

Another case was an incident of two cars found burned in northern Israel, in yet another suspected hate crime against Arabs. A stone wall had graffiti that says, “Jews let’s win.” Suspects in this case were yet to be found, though Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services managed to receive a call the night of the incident and were able to extinguish the fires.

Some Palestinians also reported other graffiti referencing to “price tags” in Jalud, a town in the West Bank located south of Nablus.


A Rise In Hate Crimes: Price Tag

Olive Tress in West Bank“Price tag,” also known as “Mutual Responsibility,” is the term used to describe the acts of vandalism against the Israeli security forces, Arab-Israelis, left-wing Israeli Jews, Christians, and the Palestinian population. This was originally commonly “used” to describe vandalism courtesy of Jewish settler youths with a fundamentalist leaning. The New York Times states these youths apparently want to “exact a price” from the said groups against their supposed “settlement enterprise.”

The actual people involved in creating these vandalisms have yet to be found, though aside from the fundamentalist youths, some say they are done by lone individuals or other people that oppose the presence of the various aforementioned groups.

In an Haaretz article, Ron Ben-Tovim said the term should not be used as it “dehumanizes” Palestinians. Ben-Tovin said “price tag” is a supermarket label that’s being considered a euphemism for acts that wish to instill terror in Palestinians – particularly acts from Jews against Palestinians. In Israel, however, all acts that Palestinians commit against Israeli Jews is automatically considered terrorism. As such, simply using “price tag” ignores Palestinian victims.

Other activities in the “price tag campaign” or considered under the banner of “price tag” include Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian property and villages, primarily as retaliation for government demolition of various structures located at settlements in the West Bank and attacks on Israeli targets.


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