UK, EU At Crossroads: Scots Push For Exit, Erdogan Push For Turkey Entry

UK, EU At Crossroads: Scots Push For Exit, Erdogan Push For Turkey Entry

The European Union has been nowhere near peaceful since United Kingdom made the decision to exit its 28-member (now 27) bloc a few months back, and now other countries are seeking to push for entry. A case is that of Turkey, where a political figure is pushing for the country to join the group. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom is nowhere near secure as well, as some of the nations under its care want to be recognized as an independent nation. Such is the case for Scotland, where various Scots have recently made another push for independence from the UK.

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For Scotland: It’s A Push For Independence

The voices of thousands of Scots were not unheard when they descended on Glasgow in protest. The movement was for a push and a call towards independence, as it had been four years since a referendum had failed to get the result they had desired.

The movement, organized under “All Under One Banner,” was in fact on its fourth year. Its advertisement on Facebook said it’s for anyone who “desires an independent nation,” and its call was answered by more than 17,000 protesters. Such a staging, especially when more numbers of protesters are confirmed, may eventually push the Scottish National Party to actually hold a second referendum on the matter.

The last referendum on Scotland’s separation from the United Kingdom was held in 2014, where 84..6-percent of the electorate participated. “No Camp” members won with an astonishingly close 55.3-percent rate, much to the chagrin of “Yes” campers, and prompting Alex Salmond – then First Minister – to resign. Now that the United Kingdom has made its exit to from the European Union, the push for Scottish independence has been stronger more than ever. Should Scotland do separate from United Kingdom, it appears surveys says 62-percent of the electorate would still want to be in the European Union.


For Turkey: It’s An Entry To EU, Among Other Things

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushes for economic reforms, counter-terrorism efforts, and EU accession as part of his primary platforms prior to the June 24 general elections in Turkey – and it’s bound to stir the electorate. These plans were unveiled in Istanbul during the Justice and Development Party’s congress, where Erdogan elaborated more on his plans.

Erdogan particularly mentioned the push to join the European Union, which he said he hasn’t forgotten and never given up on. It can be remembered that Turkey began its push to join the EU way back in 2005, but unfortunately talks and negotiations were suspended back in 2016 when there were concerns on Ankara’s purges of civil services and military as per a failed coup.

Erdogan has since then promised to clean up various militant activities plaguing the nation’s borders. This push will be likely similar to Operation Olive Branch and Operation Euphrates Shield, where various soldiers from Turkey were dispatched on the offensive against Kurdish and ISIL fighters in northern Syria.

Aside from these, Erdogan also encouraged young couples to have more children and have stronger families.




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