Tips on Taking Care of Your Skin After a Burn Injury

Tips on Taking Care of Your Skin After a Burn Injury

Maybe you’re reading this right now from your hospital bed because you were lucky enough to survive a fire, or perhaps you made it through a road crash that left you inches from death. Unfortunately, your skin sustained a brutal burn injury from the incident, and it is undoubtedly causing you severe physical and psychological discomfort.

It’s a good thing that your skin will heal fully, but you’ll want to be a bit more careful than usual with your skin until it gets back to its normal appearance. Check out the following tips on how to take care of your skin after sustaining a burn injury.

1.) Take a bath – but be more gentle than usual.

During your burn injury treatment, taking a bath is nearly impossible since your skin is newly recovering from the intense damage of a burn. Now that your skin has fully healed, you can take a bath, but keep the water a normal temperature and be very gentle when washing your skin. Always use a clean, soft towel. Don’t soak yourself in a bathtub. Instead, use your bathroom shower.

2.) Wear loose and warm clothing.

Your newly healed skin is more sensitive compared to before the burn, so you may feel pain more easily.

  • Letting your skin have prolonged contact with fabric can set off intense pain. You should make sure that you’ve got loose clothing that you can wear for the time being until your skin regains its normal thickness.
  • During winter months, you should wear warm and loose clothing so that you’ve got protection from the cold, which can sting your skin in the same way as extreme heat.

3.) Eat foods that are rich in protein and vitamin C.

Lying down in a hospital bed all day may have turned you weak, which is why you’ll need the right amount of nutrients to boost your energy and speed up your recovery from the burn injury.

  • Stock up on protein by eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and beans so that your skin tissue structure can be properly maintained.
  • Eat citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C so that your skin’s healing process will go faster.

As reported by the American Burn Association on their official website, more than 480,000 people had burn injuries medically treated in 2016. Since your skin is the most sensitive organ in your body, exposing it to extreme heat can then cause intense burn injuries. Undergoing medical treatment for your burn injury may relieve the pain that you’re feeling, but how your injury will fare in the long run will depend on if and when you apply the tips above and take gentle care of your recovering skin. You may also want to get a lawyer to help you earn your rightful compensation from whoever caused the incident that left you with a burn injury.