This Place Like Totally Has Britain’s Most Unpopular Railway Station

This Place Like Totally Has Britain’s Most Unpopular Railway Station

If you’re curious about getting to know where Britain’s most unpopular railway station is located, perhaps you’d be interested to know it’s actually located in Glasgow Queen Street. This is courtesy of a survey conducted between September and November 2017, just shortly after a modernization project has started at the terminal located in the city center.

According to the Telegraph, the survey, conducted by Transport Focus, revealed Glasgow Queen Street as the most “unappealing” station for respondents at the moment. Unfortunately, this was at a time when Glasgow Queen Street didn’t look its best either, especially since it has a £100-million modernization plan underway.

UK railway stationSome passengers, including one 46-year-old John McInnes from Cumbernauld, said the site just seemed as though it’s a “disaster.” 32-year-old sales adviser Cameron MacIntosh added the station looks like it’s from a “third world [country],”

Factors that were the biggest cause of contention for UK’s best railways included the feel of the station, its overall appearance, waiting rooms, and its arrival information. After Glasgow Queen Street was Gatwick Airport, Oxford, and Clapham Junction at 66-percent, 67-percent, and 69-percent satisfaction percentages, respectively. Glasgow Queen Street only got a measly 58-percent.

Glasgow Queen Street does have cards stacked against it, however, as it is considered as Scotland’s third-busiest rail station. The modernization efforts, too, will likely boost passenger appeal once it’s completed, as it aims to improve its capacity and appearance. By the improvements’ completion in 2019, Glasgow Queen Street’s capacity will likely increase to 28-million passengers per annum by 2030, compared to its current 20-million ballpark estimate.

Meanwhile, top stations for passengers included Reading, Birmingham New Street, London St. Pancras, and London King’s Cross – from fourth highest to highest, respectively. All of them had satisfaction ratings at around 90-percent or higher.


The Oldest In The World

The United Kingdom’s railway system is considered the oldest in the entire world, as the first-ever locomotive public railway was opened way back in 1825. After a surge of growth for a few decades, the years 1990 onwards showed slowed growth due to the arrival of automobiles, but the industry saw more growth by the mid-1960s onwards.

The railway tracks are mostly managed by Network Rail, which as of 2016 has a whopping network of around 15,799 kilometers. In terms of other numbers, the United Kingdom has the 17th largest railway network of all countries in the world, and is one of the densest networks despite its many lines. It’s also one of Europe’s busiest railways, representing more than a fifth of journeys throughout Europe.



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