The Alliance: Europe Creates Broadcasting Superpower To Combat Netflix, Amazon Prime

The Alliance: Europe Creates Broadcasting Superpower To Combat Netflix, Amazon Prime

Today’s multimedia platforms have provided a means for broadcasting and streaming supergiants such as Amazon Prime and Netflix to dominate the world by storm, providing both exclusive and domestic entertainment for the likes that can avoid their subscription – and of course, have the internet for it. However, broadcasters in Europe appear to be discontent with their progress against the growing United States-based services, and have taken it upon themselves to create The Alliance. However, with no superheroes and no superpowered stones to assist them, is there any way to defeat Netflix and Amazon Prime?

A joint statement by The Alliance said it is currently in the works, and is spearheaded by some of Europe’s most prominent networks – including Germany, Italy, and France’s ZDF, RAI TV, and France Televisions, respectively.

broadcastingThe Alliance aims to produce “bigger television series” for audiences both in Europe and on an international scale through co-financing, innovating, and being more high-profile in terms of writing, quality, and screenplay. This is due to “OTT players” that were “upsetting” the audiovisual landscape in Europe.


Cooperative, Flexible, Project-Driven

France Televisions’ Ernotte Cunci was also quoted by the statement, with the CEO stating that in Europe, public broadcasters have an annual investment of  €14-billion when it comes to original programming, compared to Netflix which only invests half as much. Cunci said The Alliance can leverage on their resources and produce higher quality works for lower investments.

Interestingly enough, The Alliance seems open to welcome other broadcasters in Europe for partnerships, or even on a per-project basis. These include Switzerland, Belgium, and Spain with RTS, RTBF, and RTVE, respectively.

According to the statement, The Alliance sees itself as an organization that is project-driven and flexible, which means private members outside The Alliance can participate for as long as they keep each other informed of their respective co-production projects. There are also plans on a first-look arrangement procedure, though not much has been revealed.

For now, The Alliance sees itself releasing three projects. First is “Leonardo,” which is a sneak peek into the life of acclaimed Renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci. The second series is “Mirage,” a Dubai-set espionage series. And lastly, “Eternal City” is a murder mystery centered around a French idol being murdered in Rome’s popular La Dolce Vita era.


The Competition: Netflix, Amazon Prime

Netflix was established as an entertainment company back in 1997 in California, and had actually become a streaming service a decade later in 2007. Its net income as of 2017 is $599-million, something to expect from the streaming giant thanks to both streaming popular media and original media of its own.

Amazon Prime is similar to Netflix, albeit under the arm of Amazon. The service itself is not exclusive to streaming music and video, as it offers a slate of “benefits” for a yearly and/or monthly fee, such as Prime Reading, Pantry, Now, and Amazon Key, among others.





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