Survey: Cocaine Tops Pizza In Delivery Speeds In UK

Survey: Cocaine Tops Pizza In Delivery Speeds In UK

If a global drugs survey is to be believed, then cocaine can apparently be delivered in the United Kingdom much faster than pizza – in fact, people in the regions can apparently get drugs in under half an hour, under the right circumstances.

In the said 2018 Global Drug Survey, 1,000 English cocaine users and more than 500 Scottish cocaine et - survey 2users were interviewed for their responses. More than a third of the respondents said they could actually get cocaine delivered to them within half an hour. To be more precise, 36.8-percent of the respondents from England and 37.4-percent of people surveyed in Scotland said they can get access to cocaine within half an hour. This puts them in the fifth and sixth place of countries that get drugs delivered fast across the world, respectively.

Pizza enthusiasts will likely be disappointed as the surveys point out only 12.2-percent of English respondents and 19.8-percent of Scottish survey respondents said they could get a pizza delivered in that span a time.

In terms of global rankings, 30.3-percent of the 15,000 cocaine users interviewed said they can get their hands on cocaine within 30 minutes, with only 17.5-percent saying they can get pizza delivered in that time period.

Interestingly, the respondents added that suppliers and drug dealers are able to deliver at this speed because it’s one of the many factors that bring customers to them. Higher purity and easy access are just some qualities the drug users find attractive to dealers. Conventional selling methods rae also becoming obsolete given the rise of CCTV cameras, and as such markets online and in the supposed “darknet” now allow drugs to be delivered via encrypted platforms and other special methods.

Other respondents of the survey included 130,000 drug users across 44 nations overall. The report also tackled the effects of drugs – especially recreational drug use – on the health of consumers. Meanwhile, in terms of global statistics, English drug users are said to be the second-highest consumers of cocaine in one session everyday, with Scotland on second place.

Cocaine is known as a stimulant, and can affect the body in a significant way on both short term and long term uses. While ti does offer satisfaction through affecting particular parts of the nervous system, adverse effects such as death, stroke, heart attacks, and drug addiction can be caused by cocaine.






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