Spain To Potentially Legalize Euthanasia After Lawmakers Vote In Its Favor

It may not be the end for euthanasia in Spain after lawmakers took the first move to possibly legalize the practice. Spanish lawmakers supported the examining of the bill for the intention to help cause the peaceful and painless death of those who are terminally ill.EUTHANASIA 1

Catalan regional parliament introduced the bill to Spain’s lower house aiming for the modification of some parts of the country’s penal code. The code, for instance, provides for the prohibition of anyone from assisting another person who suffers from a terminal illness.

As the lawmakers voted in favor of euthanasia’s potential legalization, the bill has received a favored votes of 175 backed-up by left-wing lawmakers, 136 against from conservative Popular Party and 32 non-participations coming from center-right Ciudadanos party.

Currently, Spain doesn’t legalize euthanasia since the only remedy for people with permanent ailments is the refusal of treatment. On the other hand, the voting by the Spanish lawmakers in favor of euthanasia happened the same day when David Goodall, a British-Australian scientist, took his own life at a euthanasia clinic in Switzerland. Previously, he said that one should be free to choose death, when death is at an appropriate time.

Subject to debate, the bill targets to make euthanasia legal to assist those people with terminal illness in experiencing a peaceful, painless and reliable death especially if the person personally and voluntarily asks for it.

Today, physician-assisted death depending on specific circumstances are allowed in European countries such as Germany, Finland and Austria. Moreover, assisted dying for patients who suffer unbearable pain and whose ailment has no cure has been available in The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.



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