Plastic No More: New Labelling Gives UK Shoppers Plastic-Free Shopping Experience

Plastic No More: New Labelling Gives UK Shoppers Plastic-Free Shopping Experience

Aiming for a plastic-free shopping industry, a new “trust mark” showing UK shoppers which  food packaging has no plastic in it has been introduced in the market recently. This new plastic-free labelling system will be displayed on food and drink products, thereby making it easier for shoppers to prefer healthier and greener alternatives.

Allowing consumers to take a look at whether products use hidden plastic packaging, UK supermarket Iceland and Dutch supermarket chain Ekoplaza will begin utilizing the new labelling system along with Teapigs teabags. On the other hand, the campaigners of this new scheme will be hoping that other supermarkets will follow.

NEW LABELLING SYSTEM 2Up to date, supermarket items are obviously wrapped in plastic – from tinned beans to tea bags, figures of everyday products show that some plastic are indeed present in their packaging. Furthermore, plastic has a devastating impact on the oceans as well as the wider environment and plastic pollution, for instance, has been a widespread environmental concern as it is found everywhere, giving severe and unknown consequences for human health.

Due to plastic packaging’s growing effects on the environment, A Plastic Planet which has been the campaign group behind the system, has campaigned for supermarkets to introduce plastic-free packaging. In fact, the organization has put a growing pressure on the major retailers to take the first step to discuss the problem. “Our trust mark cuts through the confusion of symbols and labels and tells you one thing – this packaging is plastic-free and therefore guilt-free”, stressed A Plastic Planet co-founder Sian Sutherland.

Sutherland hoped that the new labelling system would reform the way UK shoppers shop, thereby reducing plastic waste in the environment. “Finally shoppers can be part of the solution not the problem,” she further quoted.

Being one of the first supermarkets to introduce the new “trust market”, Iceland would be adopting the new labelling system on own-label products and would be spread over across its range aiming for a free of single-use plastic packaging by the year 2023. Richard Walker, Iceland managing director said that with the grocery retail sector recording more than 40% of plastic packaging in UK, it would be the perfect time for Britain’s supermarkets to come together to tackle and take the lead on the issue. “I’m proud to lead a supermarket that is working with A Plastic Planet to realize a plastic-free future for food and drink retail.

Moreover, the Dutch supermarket Ekoplaza would also be rolling out the new labelling system to 74 outlets across the Netherlands.



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