New Year New Self Care During Divorce

New Year New Self Care During Divorce

No one would go through a divorce without feeling sad, betrayed and maybe even hopeless. And if you’re currently going through a divorce, it’s entirely understandable that you’d feel these things. This is a time where everything you’ve hoped for, believed in and dreamed of is lost. You’ll start to question what will the future bring for you. However, what matters now is you start preparing for a new beginning. You should start caring for yourself and recovering to become a better you. A new year has come and a new you should go with it.


  1. Learn more about yourself.


Most of the time, if you’ve been with someone for a long time, you’ll end up losing yourself. If you’re going through a divorce, start trying to remember who you are, and what kind of person you’d want to be.


  • Ask yourself what things you like and don’t like.


Try to sit down and ask yourself what the things are that you like and don’t like. Focus on your own choices, not your former partner or anybody else’s.


  • Rekindle your dreams.


When you got married, you may have given up some of your dreams to dedicate more time to your family. Now that you have more time on your hands, you can start pursuing them again. If you think you don’t want those dreams anymore, make new ones. You can dream all you want from now on.


  • Embrace something new.


Now that you’re on your own, you start enjoying things that you can’t enjoy before. This a period where you can start working towards improving yourself and never be afraid to try something new. You can enroll yourself in a cooking class or join a gym.


  • Explore the world.


Get out of your comfort zone and see the world. Traveling won’t only let you see new places and experience new things, but it will also make you see yourself in a new light. Plus, when travel, you’ll be able to create new memories without your former partner.


  1. Start to rebuild what’s broken.


Most of the time, divorce breaks not only your heart and your marriage but also your life as well. But don’t wallow yourself in self-pity and heartaches, it’s time to start anew.


  • Plan for your future.


This is a time to look forward, not a time of looking back. Divorce can be a time that you take time to plan and budget for your new life. Make sure that you can afford to pay for your necessities while saving up for emergencies and your retirement.


  • Meet someone new.


When you’re with someone, your friends become your partner’s friends as well. And during a divorce, you may need to let go some of these friends. This is completely normal, no matter how hard it would be. So, don’t be afraid to make new friends. You may never know, but someone could be your next potential date.


  1. Find support.


Your support system is vital at this time. You may be at your weakest point in your life, and you need people to help you stand up and rebuild your life.


  • Join a support group.


Most people would be embarrassed to admit the feelings their feeling while going through a divorce. But people who are going through or have gone through a divorce will understand what you feel. Plus, these people will be able to help you to understand and find a solution to your problems.


  • Lean on your family and friends.


Spend time with your closest family and friends, just make sure that they have a positive influence on you and remove those who aren’t. Make new traditions with the people you’re closest to, to give yourself something that you can look forward to.


  • See a therapist.


It would be good to know that you can talk to someone who wouldn’t judge you and be unbiased. A therapist can be the person that would serve as your listener and comforter. Ask around on who can help you during this tough time.


  • Consider coaching


A divorce coach is becoming a popular option for those experiencing the difficulties of a divorce process. If you’re feeling emotionally depleted, tired and scared, having the additional support of a coach can help you with the legal, mental, physical, and emotional struggles that a divorce may bring about. Just having that one person to air your problems to can help boost your self-confidence and will allow you to focus on the silver lining of the divorce.


Going through a divorce isn’t easy; it can be painful and life-changing, but you can move on with your life and start anew. When you’re dealing with emotions that are difficult, acknowledge them and learn to express yourself. Don’t mask and ignore these feelings. Find a way to forgive your former partner and yourself. Stay close to your family and friends, as they can give you the support you need. And lastly, find ways to rediscover yourself in means that you haven’t tried before.




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