Milan Finally Gets Its First Starbucks: What To Expect?

Milan Finally Gets Its First Starbucks: What To Expect?

Italians living in Milan who crave a good cup of frappuccino will no longer have to travel abroad to get a fresh taste of Starbucks, as the massive chain will finally launch its first (!) Italian branch in Malta this September. Excited customers in a historic post-office will be delighted to know the first ever Italian Starbucks will be situated there.

STARBUCKS IN MILANStarbucks is set to make history in Italy when its first Italian branch is finally set to open this September. This also marks the chain’s foray into the actual home of the espresso as the coffee chain finally unveiled its plans to open the branch this year. For expecting customers, the branch will be located in the post-office building in Milan that is overlooking the Piazza Cordusio. This makes it extremely close to the Duomo, and will serve as one of Starbucks’ more high-end iterations of its popular coffee chain establishment.

Howard Schultz, Starbucks executive chairman, told onlookers and guests in Milan that his “vision” for an Italian Starbucks had come as far back in 1983, when he visited the country. Starbucks also had plans to open an Italian branch as early as 2017, although the project had to be pushed back and cancelled entirely when execs thought it might be a better idea to push for a 2018 opening instead.

When he spoke of his trip to Milan, he recalled being a young man loving his first taste of Italian coffee. Now, an adult, he said Starbucks’ entry into Italy is not them teaching Italians how to brew coffee, but to show what they have learned.

However, this is not without its challenges. The coffee shop giant will be arriving in an Italy where most of its citizens are coffee lovers, and as such should be expected to have waves of Italians expecting good espresso from the acclaimed coffee branch. In fact, Fipe, a group of Italian catering industry members, said Italian bars serve 6-billion expressos annually, creating a revenue turnover of as much as €6.6-billion, or £5.8-billion. Schultz might not be one to back out, however, given he is also the same man responsible for building the reputable coffee shop giant from just 11 stores back in 1987 to the giant that it is known today.

Starbucks now has a whopping 29,000 stores all over the world, and serves approximately 100-million customers weekly. In recent Starbucks news, Nestle had also announced its paying Starbucks of as much as $7.15-billion (in cash, no less) in order to acquire the rights to be able to market various Starbucks products globally and outside its coffee shops.





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