Key Steps On Coping and Recovering After A Major Injury At Work

Key Steps On Coping and Recovering After A Major Injury At Work

When it comes to work, we have to make sure that not only are we fit for the work at hand, but we need to be healthy to make sure we’re always able to cope with the various changes that happen in the workplace. This is why it can be an extremely stressful time when we experience an injury at work as we’re not only supposed to worry about treatment and our work condition, but with coping and recovering as well. The trauma we can experience after having a major injury at work can affect a lot of aspects of our lives, which means we should consider finding key steps on coping and recovering after a major injury at work.

Coping and recovering after a major injury isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it’s not impossible. We sometimes need the right amount of care and attention in order to fully get back to optimal working condition as it takes time to fully make sure we’re cared for not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. This means being aware of the key steps on coping and recovering after a major injury at work could greatly help us if this happens.

According to Diane Wlese-Bjornstal, Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in an article from Active, when you experience a major injury, coping to it is similar to coping with grief. This is because coping from a major injury, especially from work, can make you lose a huge sense of how you feel. This is why it’s also understandable why some people have a hard time processing and coping from their injuries at work, especially a major injury, as this takes them out of their usual routine. However, coping and recovering after a major injury at work isn’t impossible. Here are some steps:

Don’t Deny the Injury

Sometimes, when you’re in the hospital, or when you’re released from the hospital, you get a sense of wanting to work as immediately as possible. This can be due to stress that you might lose your job, or you might miss a deadline, or you might not perform the way you expect you should perform. However, don’t try to speed up the recovery process. It will take time and patience because your body and mind needs time to heal. You have to accept the reality that the injury has happened, so where can you go from there?

  • Take your time during therapy as pushing your body when it’s already injured can worsen what’s already happening to you. Listen to your body and how it feels. If you think you’re straining yourself too hard, then don’t push yourself and take some rest.
  • It might feel frustrating when you consider the things you have to do for therapy, but this is the best way for you to be able to cope with how you feel, and this is the best way for you to go back to your optimal working condition.

Don’t Get Mad At Yourself

Sometimes, during the treatment process, you might feel mad at yourself. Sometimes you may blame yourself for “being weak” and letting the injury happen and worsen into a major injury that forced you to take time off. Don’t do this to yourself as it may worsen your psychological condition. It might be hard to not be mad at anything, but you can turn all this energy into a good  thing.

  • Instead of focusing on being mad at something, try to repurpose that anger into motivation to move forward. Take this anger and try to mold it into your motivation to be more careful during therapy and follow what the doctors and other medical professionals say that you should do in order for you to properly heal.
  • Instead of being mad at something, channel that energy into establishing a “program” of sorts, or a plan to fully cope with the injury. What is it that you want to do after this? How soon do you want to recover, why do you want this to be your time frame, and what are your plans after being healed?
  • You might get mad because your injuries were because of someone else’s injuries but you should not be as this will not bring any good to your recovery. If you want to sue another party for the injuries you have incurred, contact an attorney who have years of experience in personal injury They will take the burden off your shoulders legally, while giving you time to fully heal and recover.

Don’t Bargain With Health

Remember, the maxim health is wealth is famous for a reason. When you undergo rehabilitation, sometimes there’s the tendency to want to go beyond the prescribed medication or therapy method because you may believe this can “speed up recovery.” However, just like in actual fitness, more doesn’t always mean better. This is because you may start to lose focus on what you actually have to do, being careful with your recovery.

  • Always remember to obey what the doctors have prescribed for you and ask for their advice before you try something else. This can be an extremely frustrating thing to do, but this is something that can greatly help with your recovery in the long run.


If there’s anything the key steps on coping and recovering after a major injury at work tells us, it’s that recovery takes time and patience and could not be done immediately. This is because our  bodies and our minds need adequate time to be able to recover not just to be able to physically function, but also to be ready for adjustments at work as well.

However, do remember that the tips above don’t necessarily work for everyone as major injuries at work can take a lot of forms. This means it’s still best to consult a medical professional on the matter, especially if you’re going to make physical and mental adjustments through other exercise and therapy methods. Your health is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to working for a living, so it’s helpful that you’re aware of what you can do and what you can’t do to your body properly.


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