5 Interesting Facts about Europe and Europeans

5 Interesting Facts about Europe and Europeans

Despite being the second smallest continent on the globe, Europe has a population of half a billion and a large part of which is covered by the European Union. The continent is always known for its prosperity and stability to laws and legislature towards its citizens. Their policies and actions are directly pointed toward the well-being of all the coexisting countries and also the Europeans in general.

The continent is composed of the peninsula of Eurasia and also comprises of one-fifth of the entire land area. Read the complete article to enlighten yourself with some amazing facts about Europe and the Europeans.

Europe has the highest GDP

Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Austria and Luxembourg are some of the richest countries in the world, and they form a part of the European subcontinent. These countries rank highest in GDP over other countries in the world. The success factor is due to their strong economy and revenue policies that are strictly abided by the citizens. The people diligently stick by those policies. This is in contrast to other continents like Asia that mostly consists of developing or underdeveloped countries.

 The first humans arrived in Europe in 3,800 BC

It was the time, popularity called the Upper Paleolithic when it was believed that the Europeans had first set their foot on the land. They had migrated from the Central, and the West Asian countries. Europe also consists of the highest number of the Neanderthal, which strengthen the theory about the modern humans, and Neanderthals that were mixed from time-to-time. It is also believed that Neanderthals lived on the continent even before the humans took existence, some 40,000 years ago.


 Europe was a birth place for blond hair humans

The reason for the evolution of the blond hair was due to the efficient synthesis of vitamin D as a result of lacking sunlight in the countries of Northern Europe and their regions. This mutation due to a lack of sunlight leads to the development of blonde hair, which originally took place, 11,000 years ago in the last ice age.

It is difficult to count European countries

The job of counting countries in Europe is a confusing and a complex task- Some say it has 44 countries while the others argue it to be 64 and it also depends on who you’re counting the countries. Some countries shares their land with the Asian sub continent while the others not non-sovereign, that is also counted as a country. The popular answer for this question is 50 registered countries inside Europe (also includes countries sharing borders) and five union territories that are yet to register.


 The Largest producer of wine

Europe accounts for countries like Italy, Spain and France that some of the largest producers of wine in the country, and accounts for about 705 of the total wine produced in the country. This shows that the European population really loves their wine

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